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? a wheelchair? even fully packed carry-on cases. lenard davis thinks he knows what's going on. >> they probably want x amount of fee to check the bag. hey, it's easier to leave it at the checkpoint and then when i return back, i can claim my bag. >> reporter: davis' company stores the nearly 20,000 pieces that come through the airport's lost and found each year. about 20% are never claimed and are sold at auction but some travelers lose things that cannot be ignored like the little old lady who called from idaho. >> said my husband left his denture at the checkpoint and he need to eat and i need to get them fedexed to me right away. >> reporter: this is just the stuff found at security checkpoints. the items left at baggage claim are held by the individual airlines. so if you are missing something, call them -- that is, if you still have your cell phone. at sfo, john ramos, kpix 5. >> just kind of making sure -- yeah, they're still there. the tsa has a website listing lost and found contacts at airports across the country. find the link on our website, click "links and numbers." >>> w
. >> all right. richard joining us from the university of california at davis. thanks so much. >> thank you, jen. >>> it's the end of an era for an ironic american treat. plus opportunity knocks for a young little league star. too bad she can't answer the door. we'll explain. ♪ >> al jazeera america presents... labor day marathons >> our government is allowing an invasion >> our most acclaimed series.... back to back to back... toughest place... >> i call that a lot of hard work for next to nothing >> the system... >> a justice system run by human beings can run off the rails >> and borderland... >> a lot aof people haven't got a clue what goes on near the border >> al jazeera america presents labor day marathons all weekend long >> this is not over... >>> people aren't eating enough twiningies. hostess is closing its factory that invented the twinningkys. it plans to close the bakery due to lack of demand for the snack cake. this comes only a year after the snack returned to shelves. looks like demand wasn't exactly what the new owners expected. the factory is one of only four remaining
and the hat. it's clearly vernon davis. he went under cover at his store. this is video provided by the company. he had fun serving drinks and interacting with customers. >> have you seen vernon davis come through here? >> i heard he's nice. >> oh, wow. wow. can i get you anything, man? i would love to see him. i would love to see him. i'm vernon, man. >> some were surprised, others weren't. when you have a 6'3"200 pounds guy who is shredded, making your smoo smooth thinks, it's a give away. >> summer is not over yet. >> our traffic reporter is here to help you explore where you live. >> abc 7s parent company, disney and kaboom are teaming up to promote the power of play. the play together tour is coming this weekend with a pop-up playground and obstacle course. fun for the whole family. a free party and everyone is invited. a noise pop block party in the mission district this saturday. oakland's band will headline the event. local restaurants, emerging artists, bands and deejays. they will host the 2014 festival of latin culture saturday. music, dancing and art classes, story te
and the prosecutor served in a republican presidential administration? >> when david axelrod, lanny davis, irwin dershowitz, jonathan chat all say this is sketchy, outrageous, totalitarian, and mccarthy ite,i agree with them. that's just on the democrat side of the aisle. >> don't you love it? >> that's, case in point, why david axelrod might come to regret that tweet saying this is sketchy. >> honesty is not the best policy? it really is right. i hate it when people say when you agree across the aisle or ideological spectrum, even chris matthews, you're putting me down as you're putting me up. you can't have it both ways. fo good interview, you got his attention. thank you, perry bacon. he remembered all the names. >> he did. something stronger... will mean making it lighter. one day, factories will work with the cloud. one day... is today. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so
pitcher, mo'ne davis, was on the mound. a record crowd was there to see her pitch against the boys of the little league world series. her team lost last night, but they're still alive and able to get to the u.s. championship game. and the team they will face to get there also has a lot of folks cheering for them, especially on chicago's south side where the news is so often bad and where this team has become a welcome reason to cheer. nbc's katy tur has our report again tonight from south williamsport, p.a. >> reporter: tonight, all eyes will be here on this small stadium in the pennsylvania wild. taking the field, giants among little leaguers. mo'ne davis and the philadelphia taney dragons versus chicago's ja jackie robinson's west. >> 7-4 chicago. >> you're a confident man. >> i'm confident because the kids are confident. >> reporter: is anyone better than you? >> sorry, but nobody. >> reporter: not philly? >> not philly. >> reporter: coach darrell butler and his son d.j. are chicago's best little league hope in 31 years. >> just have fun with it, okay? >> okay. >> reporter: an a
that could target you at a hotel. abc's linsey davis shows us the scam that could empty your wallet. >> reporter: what started off as a pitstop in this new orleans hotel, ended up a major pitfall for christine bicek and her daughter, katie. >> it's about midnight. and our hotel room phone rings. so, i answer it. and it's one of the ladies from the front desk. explaining, i need your card number to put on file, otherwise you need to get out of the room. >> reporter: so, katie gave her debit card number and went back to sleep. >> i woke up and immediately thought to myself, there's something sketchy about that call. she checks her bank account and realizes all her money is gone. >> reporter: turns out, this particular scam is so common, many hotels across the country present their guests with warnings about it, including the best western, where christine and katie stayed. the american hotel and lodging says provides regular updates to hoteliers on fraudulent activities. like this one, the pizza scam. >> you'll find flyers under your door when you check into your hotel. you call, you g
about sports. and little league. >> i was looking for a good byte about this. mo'ne davis, this girl pitching against boys in the little league world series. she pitched last night. she went 2 1/3. very exciting. it is on the cover of "sports illustrated" this week. my kids are really excited about it. girls striking out boys -- she had a very successful debut last week. they are not out of it yet. they stay in the game. >> i was listening to an interview with her on npr. what is throwing like a girl sound like? she's like 70 miles per hour. , >> she has this amazing command. i watched her on espn. she really does pitch like a major-leaguer, and she's able to control her pitches. >> do they have a speedometer on pitchers? >> they are closer. it is little league. >> 3.4% amid the percentage of homes in the largest u.s. tv market that tuned in to watch her. >> she may pitch this saturday as well. we will be watching and the johnson household. >> debtor on your rdar -- get her on your radar. you are just thinking about stanford football. you will be tweeting from the sidelines. thanks,
a household name, 13 year-old pitching phenom mone davis but for some the taney pitcher is an opportunity to cash in. is that right. coming in 15 minutes todd quinones will show us how people are making money on mone. >>> taney dragons face that team from chicago tonight at 7:30, if they win, dragons get a rematch against las vegas in the u.s. championship game on saturday. >>> turning to weather, parts of our area could see some storms tonight meteorologist kate bilo is on the cbs-3 skies deck with more, hi kate. >> hi, diana we are seeing clouds really increase in the philadelphia city and in the only here but also in williams port where there is a large philadelphia contingent cheering on taney. there are storms heading that way that could produce a rain delay for tonight's game. lets see what is going on out there we will go out to storm scan three showing the entire state of pennsylvania seek some form of wet weather. northern and western suburbs and not even seeing much at this hour most of it, over central pennsylvania and these storms looking as though theytheys but do i want to s
on their uniforms. the man's attorney joins us next. and we'll all need a smile this week. thank you, mone davis. the 13-year-old little league star is inspiring a nation. ♪ [ male announcer ] when you see everyone in america almost every day, you notice a few things. like the fact that you're pretty attached to these. ok, really attached. and that's alright. because we'll text you when your package is on the way. we're even expanding sunday package delivery. yes, sunday. at the u.s. postal service, our priority is...was... and always will our priority is...was... moderate to severe is tough, but i've managed. i got to be pretty good at managing my symptoms, except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. when i finally told my doctor, he said my crohn's was not under control. he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to figh
pitcher mo'ne davis went for $510 on ebay. the initial asking price was just $9.99. now, several other baseballs claimed to have been signed by mo'ne are up for sale on ebay, as well as autographed covers of her "sports illustrated" magazine issue. >>> a live look from williamsport, where all the action is. still ahead this half house, keith jones talks to nervous fans anxiously awaiting tonight's game. >>> new at 6:00, a lehigh valley man is charged with leaving his three young children alone in his suv while he played blackjack. a security guard at the sands casino in bethlehem discovered the kids locked in the vehicle yesterday morning, 10:15. the kids were 1, 5 and 8 years ol. their father, maurice cook of easton, was arrested inside casino. police say the kids weren't hurt but they were hungry. cook is in the north hampton county prison with $30,000 bail, charged with endane jerk the welfare of children. >>> all new at 6:00, convicted killer lynn jenoff now questioned police about an unsolved murder dating back to 1995. now, jenoff spent 14 years in prison for the murder of rabbi
, continÚa buscando refuerzos al mercado. la chica fenÓmeno de 13 aÑos, monettte davis no tuvo su mejor actuaciÓn. los aplausos de los debo a les barker que realizÓ un sondeo espectacular. gran jugada de alex >> vamos ahora con stephanie bradford, que conversa con chiqui la hija de jerry rivera. >> chiqui, ha llegado aquÍ a territorio bradford, a presentarnos un nuevo tema, esa no soy yo. >> muy contenta y muy feliz. un placer hablar contigo. ♪ te aprovechas de mi soledad ♪ porque asÍ me puedes controlar ♪ >> la compusiste para una persona muy especial... >> y sÍ, la compuse hace un aÑo y dos meses, con un amigo que se llama julio reyes, y en ese momento, la compuse pensando en esa persona y como me sentÍa. pero ya las cosas han cambiado, y ya no me siento asÍ. y por eso, en el vídeo, querÍa mostrar algo diferente, mÁs que nada, que la mujer tenemos relaciones con adiciones, con el peso, no nos queremos suficiente... ♪ esa no soy yo >> y dice, las crÍticas que recibiÓ despuÉs de su primer tema, paloma blanca, la impulsaron para mejorar. >> me he p
. >> reporter: demanded accountability after he died. davis was in charge that day and was able to retire with a full pension before the trial board issues ruling. the trial board which decides guilt and determines punishment ruled one firefighter did nothing wrong and nobody should be fired. one firefighter will be suspended. one firefighter reprimanded and one firefighter exonerated. today d.c. interim fire chief says the department failed medrick mills and his family. >> while i feel the appropriate actions were not taken i have to accept the decisions of the trial board. >> reporter: because of the firefighters' contract the chief cannot issue additional punishment except to the rookie still on probation. the chief says he will also be suspended without pay. in a statement the mills family says that is not enough. the mills family is deeply disappointed but not surprised by the secret trial board panel recommendations, what happens when investigations are done in the dark with no transparency and with no accountability. >> the disciplinary process that exists here is broken. >> report
that. "sports illustrated" hit the news stand today with taney's mo'ne davis on the cover, despite taking the loss against nevada, davis has had an extraordinary impact on the little league world series and is a star but will not be on the mound tonight. chad pradelli is live in williamsport ton. taney faces chicago tonight, to teams from urban environments, quite a match-up and quite a story. >> a great match-up, players on both sides are so humble and so polite it's unfortunate that one team has to lose. it's win or go home but this morning the taney dragons got a major league pep talk. they were doing what kids do, hanging out and playing ping-pong and just relaxing but it's not every day you get to do it with ryan howard. >> my advice was to have fun, go out and have fun. you lost a game but be proud of where you are but you are not finished. >> they have a win or go home game against chicago. another team that captivated this world
. they would have moved her from the tenant of firefighter. sam fuld, abc 7 news. choline davis retired before any disciplinary action was taken. sam spoke with the lieutenant in an exclusive shortly after retirement and got her side of the story. you can see that interview and davis's defense on >> we are learning for the first time tonight about a heartfelt e-mail bob mcdonald sent to his wife seeking to fix their marriage. a second day on the stand is defending himself against corruption charges. the bureau chief jeff goldberg has been in the courtroom and joins us again from richmond to give us all of the details from the day. tell us about it. , the governor is on the stand at this moment. he was asked a few minutes ago about the rolex he received from christmas 2011. he said he did not know how much it cost or whether it was new or used. questioning focusing on the dysfunction of the marriage between bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen. he was asked whether or not he maureen and johnny had a physical relationship saying he did not. when pressed further, he conceded he believed w
. but this is a huge one tonight and mo'ne davis has don't all the attention so far. you know, monet aspires to be a professional basketball player, but many of the boys here at the little league world series would love to be a major league baseball player and this morning, one of the stars of the phillies, ryan howard, was here in williamsport, attending practice for japan and mexico and he visited with taney, too, in their dorms much the big piece is a big fan of the dragon. s. >> great for the city. like i said, we are fans. watching them and want them to go out there and do the best they can and give their best effort. you know, for us, if you want to call it playing second fiddle, hey, that's fine, their time to sha shine. >> reporter: still in the spotlight because they have one more game to play and possibly two more games to play after torment. if they whip tonight, they will play in the u.s. finals on saturday. and as for ripe howard, he received a challenge from one of the teeny players, you will hear that in sports with john clark at 6:00. >>> air heir strikes continue in iraq aga
know bill davis is looking for is the run defense and it's got to get better. what do you think they have to do? >>> it starts with the defensive line howard two gap defense the linemen fletcher, vinnie, they got to tick on two blockers. when do you that effectively it frees up these linebackers to make these plays. if you want to get better on defense you got to start right up front and they're going to see basically 250-pound backs in bell and blunt and roethlisberger tonight. they got their hands full up front. and when you look at the defense, okay, that's one are a. now you look at the offense. the first game this year again it's only preseason but it's the biggest preseason game cooper and maclin will be playing together for the first time at wide receiver. what are you looking for that? >>> i'm looking for in the offense is just rhythm. they've been their own worse enemy with penalties and turnovers so far. this a high octane fast paced up item pole no huddle offense when it clicks it's almost impossible to stop. they haven't been able get that yet. now having your two wi
: jones points to lieutenant davis as most responsible. because she retired before the trial board could issue discipline she was able to leave with a full pension. jones tells news 4 lieutenant davis should have been fired. >> this system, the disciplinary process is broken and needs to be fixed. >> reporter: because of the firefighter's contract with the district the chief is bound by the trial board's decision. i spoke with medrick mills' father and she said she had no idea the decision was held down until i called. we will tell you what could be done in the future to hold firefighters more accountable. mark segraves, news 4. >>> thanks to your generosity,000s of needy children throughout our region will have new backpacks and school supplies. our backpacks 4 kids campaign has collected more than $10,000 so far and will be distributing more than 4,000 backpacks to schools and nonprofit groups across the area. our phone bank closed a short time ago. you can make a donation online through our website, this is the ninth year news 4 has done this. we give thanks to our
across the country but for some mone davis is a ticket to a quick buck. new at 6:00 how people are cashing in on the 13 year-old phenom, and is it right? our todd quinones has the the story. >>> taney faces a a team from chicago tonight at 7:30. if they win the dragons get the a rematch against las vegas in the u.s. championship game on saturday. >>> let's talk weather now. sun and clouds have given way to showers and storms, unfortunate liz and some parts could be in for drenching rains tonight. meteorologist kate bilo is slipped out on the cbs-3 sky deck and she joins with us that first forecast kate. >> reporter: one of of the spots that could get hit with strong storms tonight will be williamsport. they have to keep an eye to the sky. we may see a rain delay for those dragons tonight. we will keep you posted but showers and storms heading in our area as well as at the moment. lets look the at storm scan three which shows showers and storms breaking out over central pennsylvania. they do look to be weakening slightly as they move in but some of these storms turn severe earli
giving the dragon. s -- we asked him about mo'ne davis. here is his take. >> not about sex, not about race, not about anything like that just about talent. think with a that she is what she goes out there and tells about the talent, doesn't matter that you are boy, girl what, if you can play, you can play. >> reporter: that's ringing endorsement from ryan howard. at 7:30, the dragness take on chicago. if they wins, they go on saturday to play a rematch against las vegas, beat them last night, 8-1, for the u.s. championship. if they beat las vegas, pull off that upset go for their dream, a little league world series title come sunday. more for ought 5 p.m. keith jones, live in williamsport, back to you. >> thanks, keith. our coverage of the taney dragness continues in this newscast. at 4:30, you will hear from the manager about his decision to pull pitcher mo'ne davis out of the game yesterday and our coverage always continues on >>> bank of america has agreed to pay nearly $17 billion in a settlement over its sale of mortgage-backed securities before the financial crisis hi
responsible and have lost their job. >> reporter: jones says lieutenant davis was most at fault that day and she should have definitely been fired. >> reporter: the chief is down by the trial board decision. the mills family issued a statement saying they were saddened but not surprised by today's decision. we will hear more from the family and more from the chief and we will learn what can be done in the future to hold firefighters more accountable. reporting live in northeast, mark segraves, news 4. >>> we learned the two american missionaries infected with ebola are now free of the virus. before leaving kent brantly said it is a miraculous day. doctors say there is no threat to the public. >> reporter: dr. kent brantly smiled broadly as he walked into a news conference free of the ebola virus. >> i am thrilled to be alive, to be well and to be reunited with my family. >> reporter: doctors released brantly and nancy writebol. they became the first ebola patients treated in the u.s. and were the first to receive an experimental ebola drug. doctors do trek the word experimental. >> frank
and was written later in a book by benjamin davis jr., the commanding officer. he titled the book simply "an american." and he said when a reporter asked him about his title and why he titled it so simply, he said that i fought too hard for this country and i lived here and i've given. and he said i've done too much and i'm not a hyphenated american. he said i'm not a black american. i'm not an african-american. i'm not an afro-american. he said simply, i'm an american. and you know something happened to me when i went back to school. i stood a little stronger. i crossed my heart and i said those words with pride. and now when i look and i see the american flag blowing in the wind and waving in the breeze, i come to realize that that flag waves for me. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you, lewis. this morning our colors will be presented by the fort lee color guard. will you please rise? this will be followed by the national anthem. ♪
it is fantastic. bmw already has drive now. rhys davies is trying to crack into that. there is competition to be had. it is ingenious idea. melissa: no suits for you, tech gurus, they don't have to address like everyone else at the office. they couldn't get the take engineers to fix anything at the white house for many reasons including they didn't want to dress up at all. you were tweeting about this earlier. >> on your prompting, not necessarily is this. if you dress like a slob you can work at the white house but why would you want to? >> the creative guys want to pick of the best -- >> if you are creative why would you -- >> it is a steady job and i will never get fired. it is not -- not a terrible gave to be in the white house wearing lots of garments to work and get at steady paycheck. lock him in the basement, give them all the red bull they want but don't let anybody see them. melissa: that is it. for the love of yoga pants being stretched thin as folks wear them beyond the match. just about every single social location you can think of. where are the regular hands? or a skirt? i d
but not in the hall of fame. >>> a launch of the philadelphia flame thrower, mean a davis n. the world series. she and her team got roughed up last night by nevada, 8-1, and just yesterday, she made the cover of sports illustrated and they will play in chicago for the world little league championship. i'm morgan bradford. ♪ i had the intuition about the fact that human beings could heal themselves. >> deepak chopra offers insight about coping with fear and anxiety? >> stress is the stress. i like to think of stress like an ocean. if you are a skillful surfer, every wave is joy. >> bringing about optimal health and wellbeing?
, this is about jordan davis, michael brown. ezeal brown shot in l.a. a couple days ago. today in st. louis, a couple blocks away another african-american male shot and killed today. they said he had a knife. but i just think there's a war on the black male. and it's tearing the country apart. >> that was an anderson's program, "ac 360" tuesday night. do you agree there is a war on the african-american male in this country? >> i don't know if i would use that word, but i think it's sometimes dangerous to be a black male in this nation. black men have figured out how to navigate poor neighborhoods. there are shootings that occur all of the time. between black men, of course. but then you have to look out for police officers. and that's where i think police officers and those pretending to be police officers. and so it's very difficult in that way. and those are the things that are killing people immediately. >> stephan, in your estimation, what is fueling this violence, do you think? >> yeah, it's a nasty mix, don. it's a nasty mix of a long time of neglect, there is, of course -- there's ra
we should send traditional combat iraq. -- troops back to >> when david axelrod, lanny davis, allender shorts, jonathan chad all say that this is sketchy, outrageous, totalitarian, and mccarthyite, i agree with them. and that's just on the democrat side of the aisle. [applause] i think all of your options have to be open from the standpoint of dealing with this terror and this force in that country. enemyk signaling to your what you are not going to put on , andable is very, very bad both strategical and tactical errors by this administration. we need all options on the table. it is too important to jordan, too important to israel, two ofortant to the interests the west in that part of the world to stop isis. in thatl not stop region of the world. they need to be eliminated. they need to be eliminated now. thank you all. [applause] and gentlemen, let's thank again the governor of texas, rick perry. [applause] to my colleague is going give a few directions about what we have right outside. john will be coming up on the stage here to the left. like the instructions are fairly s
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showed up for the dragons game last night. they were clearly rooting for mo'ne davis got nicked for three runs and struck out 6, taney lost 8-1. the manager said he didn't think she was bothered at all by the media attention. >> i don't think so. she is entitled to an off night. i don't want to take away from the vegas kids, that is a real good team, maybe the best team we faced this year. >> if taney wins tonight they would face the vegas team again on saturday. our chad pradelli is in williamsport with the taney team, look for his live reports this afternoon leading up to tonight's big game. >>> the eagles have another chance to work out the kinks in their defense when they host the pittsburgh steelers at financial field tonight. the bird's d gave up 500 yards in total offense to the new england patriots. they know what they have to do to improve and they will be ready when the season starts. the eagles face the steelers tonight at 7:30, you can see it here on 6 abc we are your official eagles station. >>> the doctor affected with ebola is now out of the hospital, dr. kent brantly is al
pitcher mone davis last night and the crowd could be even bigger tonight. >> to be doing so well at such a young age. >> girl power. >> what she said. up next, preview of tonight's game and the frenzy surrounding this 13-year-old superstar. one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate hold the whip, two espressos. make one a double. she's full and focused. [ barista ] i have two cappuccinos, one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, a medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate hold the whip, and two espressos -- one with a double shot. heh, heh. that's not the coffee talkin'. [ female announcer ] start your day with kellogg's frosted mini wheats cereal. with whole wheat goodness on one side and a hint of sweetness on the other, it's a delicious way to get the nutrition you want. oh! the name your price tool! you tell them how much you want to pay, and they help you find a policy that fits your budget. i told you to wear something comfortable! this is a polyester blend! whoa! uh...little help? i got you! unh! it's so beautiful! man: should w
'ne davis was roughed up last night. she gave up this two-run homer in the second inning. taney had chances to come back but left a lot of runners on base. nevada beat taney 8-1, the dragons first loss of the series. >>> the little league world series is taking place, of course, in williamsport. more than 34,000 people attended last night's game. you see the countdown clock on the screen there. many of the folks there last night were from philadelphia and they will be there again tonight for what is a must win game for taney. about eight and a half hours to go. just hours away from tag on illinois. didn't read that wright. first pitch tonight. dragon wagon still rolling. fans everywhere keeping fingers crossed. matt delucia, live in williamsport. some fans came back to our area but many are staying on for tonight's game. what about it, matt? >> reporter: yeah, renee, some of them, they got out here early. they are staking out their spot. they have their chairs, beach blankets, ready to go. take a look behind me. if you're watching this time yesterday, we had a much larger crowd. right now j
's big star, mo'ne davis. today she will lead her team in an elimination game. she'll have to forget about last night, though, which wasn't her best night. right now -- right off the bat, vegas got a run. still, she fought through it, striking out six batters in two and a half innings. but nevada went on to win 8-1. now, she's eligible to pitch again on saturday if her team wins today's elimination game. all eyes are on this 13-year-old girl with a history-making fastball. she hasn't even started eighth grade yet and she's already on the cover of "sports illustrated." >>> we're continuing our backpacks 4 kids campaign today. you can call in and donate money for kids in need in our area. we have volunteers standing by to take your calls. 202-885-4949 is the number to call. besides things like paper and pencils giving kids access to the internet at home are essential of course but donna ratley washington from comcast joins us to talk about comcast and what they're doing to help. this is something that's pretty essential too. welcome. >> thank you. very nice to see you again. so in toda
? >> i agree. i think nrp, we talked to davis sax, coo in the early days, pre-ebay and paypal. that's the point he made. the percent of transactions on ebay that -- sorry. the percent of transactions on paypal, down from the 70s to the 20 pse 20%. he said the same thing. the question of, if not when. it's also a question of how. there are many flavors are spinoffs. there are partial 13ispirns. talked about the alibaba paypal out there. the synergy of setting up for longer term different trajectory. >> jessica in your piece you say this has been speculated as something that could happen as soon as next year. of course, the market has been ruminating over when this could happen, because ebay thatd made that peculiar announcement, repatriating cash. maybe a move to give more cash to paypal as a stand-alone company or to ebay or what have you. in terms of timing or how near-term this could be, are you getting a more clear sense of people you're talking to be? >> the indication the potential recruits, as a possibility of 2015. you know, we're still in a lot of hypotheticals here, but tha
'ne davis. she did strike out six but faced a very tough nevada team, so they went down in defeat, but today, those kids from philly are going to face off against that other team from the south side of chicago that is really capturing -- two heartthrob stories but nevada was very good last night. >> very good team. a lot more on that. >>> but the breaking news, there's the hospital in atlanta where the two americans infected with ebola have been treated for nearly three weeks. dr. kent brantly is going home this morning. we're going to learn more about nancy writebol's discharge. abc's steve osunsami is in atlanta with the latest. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, george. nancy writebol and her family have asked for privacy and will not attend a news conference scheduled later today. dr. kent brantly will attend that news conference, take no questions, and then he and his family, we're told, plan to disappear. this morning, dr. kent brantly, the missionary doctor sick with ebola finally going home to the arms of his loved ones. dr. brantly and nancy writebol were serving god an
and lightning to the inland empire. >> and it's gone! >> philadelphia phenom mo'ne davis losing against the team from las vegas. >> i think maybe they'll collect themselves and hopefully win. >> u.p.s. says a data breach may have exposed some of its customers' credit and debit card information. >> one of the most bizarre things in los angeles. this ducky making its first west coast appearance. can sharknado be far behind? >> all that -- >> this shocking stunt brought traffic to a halt on the golden gate bridge in san francisco. >> one giant dog breed is known to get along well with kids and here's the proof. >> oh, my goodness. >> -- and all that matters -- >> good news about former buffalo bills quarterback and hall of famer jim kelly. doctors have told him he's now cancer-free. >> thank god this vibrant still young man has the opportunity now hopefully to go on with his life. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> the nfl wants performers to pay to play the super bowl halftime show. >> i remember last year at the super bowl, a group barely played -- oh that was th
vernon davis surprised some fans while at a jamba juice. >> i got you. >> yeah, he donned a wig and a name tag that said sick a more. but many people recognized him. possibly because his name is on the front of the santa clara store. he owns this franchise and occasionally stops by to visit and help out behind the counter, which is a nice thing to do. >> he is a big guy. >> he is hard to to miss. exactly. >>> tori, time is 8:08. one fast-moving fire caused major damage to two apartment buildings in oakland. coming up at 8:30 what people heard seconds before they saw those flames. >>> a northern california college student comes down with the west nile virus. where he thinks he got it. >>> we have a mess into the silicon valley because of a big problem on 280 that is still there. it's going on and on. and 280 is backed up all the way down to the 101 interchange. >>> we had a fog bank that seems to be going on and on. it's still there, but showing signs of burning off sooner today. some areas with sun today that had fog this time yesterday. it will be warmer. i will show you how mu
, 34,000 people showed up to see 13-year-old sensation mo'ne' davis pitch at the world series. we'll show you how she did. >> true blue, why the animal rights group pita is buying animal r hey there fellow californians. i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use... which means managing water too, (roar) especially during a drought. learn to save water and money at >>> coming up, is sleeping in separate beds the best thing for your marriage? >> baby got class. the ode to the new school year after the local news. [ male announcer ] there's chicken, and then there's juicy chicken. the difference is best foods. best foods is the secret to making parmesan crusted chicken so juicy and so delicious. you can make dinner disappear. best foods. bring out the best. >>> to do thursday morning, 7:26 i'm sam brock. we have breaking news. police are investigating a shooting in east san jose. officers are out at the intersection of thackery lane and gathering evidence. kris sarn chez -- sanchez is live on scene, what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning. we ju
that are unrepresented in high-tech. >> las vegas is the team to beat at the little week world series. mo'ne davis is starting pitcher for philadelphia but lot vacation upped ahead in the first inning and austin laced this trip pole -- triple and then a two run homer was crushed and philadelphia was beat 8-1 advancing to saturday. philadelphia plays elimination against chicago's jackie robinson team on espn. >> you have to root for all of the teams. you know who drew and i will be rooting for. >> chicago jackie robinson's. >> fill. >> philadelphia. philadelphia. all the way. >> a last shot. >> wait. drew is new, you know that, folks? already he is...setting a friend. he is a trail blazer. drew has socks more than anyone has seen. >> you have to find spice in life early on. >> does you steal that from dr. seuss? >> a lot of such behind. -- sunshine. the scan is quiet across the area. we are warming up to 60. 63 in oakland. 59 in nap present is 62. the bay bridge is showing clearing along the east bay but clouds are close to the coast. there is fog but nothing wide-spread and the sun burns off the c
, everyone. how big is 13-year-old sensation mo'ne davis? the little league cover girl for "sports illustrated" had an autographed baseball on ebay last night that was up to $500. mo'ne and philadelphia facing las vegas in the little league world series. nevada up 1-0 and there goes cane, two-run shot. >>> davis lasted two and a third as vegas won 8-1. they are on to the u.s. championship game. philadelphia falls into an elimination game. >>> no rain in sight last night at wrigley field for the giants and cubs. they jumped all over edwin jackson, ishakawa into the corner, morris and panek are home. this is third, andrew sue sack opposite field, two-run jack. first home run of the career, they win 8-3. peavey the winner. giants pull within three games. -- within three games of the dodgers now in the national league west. >>> a's starter jeff samardzija had not lost in five home starts since being traded from the cubs. up 2-0 the mets were in the third. lucas duda 3 run jack. samardzija gave up 7 in 3 2/3. not good. a's rally in the 8th, bases juiced, and he gets josh donaldson. so a
? >> what did you learn? >> i learned that tonight we have one more shot of watching mo'ne davis. we wish her the best. >> let's hope so. what did you learn, mika? >> i learned what you learned about reagan and sex and all that. so if it's way too early, what time is it? >> it's time for "morning joe." i encourage you to take the narcissism quiz and see if you did as well as i did. stick around, though. right now it's time for "the daily rundown." >> craig melvin. >>> tonight was a very good night in ferguson. >> no justice, no peace. >> crowds were smaller, they were calm and honorable. last night through 2:00 a.m., the number of arrests were 47. tonight the number was six. >> who did they kill? michael brown. who did they kill? michael brown. >> there were no molotov cocktails tonight, no fires, no shootings. we did not see a single handgun. there were no confrontations. >> who do you serve? who do you protect? >> i know in the end, this is going to make us better, it is going to bring us peace and it's going to make us better men and women and make our kids better, it's going to make o
, but keep in mind, i have only talk to mo'ne davis been up here more than a week and only talk to her once, that was maybe a little bit of bat being practice actually some at the hotel here, they stayed one night here at our hotel, then one on the podium when she did interviews. so the media hype is the media blowing it up. i don't think it is dominating these players times at all. it is part of t you want to be interviewed. it is a cool thing. >> really? not, i mean, because you know, if she doesn't do well, she is 16, 17, see, she wasn't that good. even i've heard some that far last night. oh, she's not -- see i told you she wasn't that good. scored three runs against her, it was only three runs against very good team, chris. >> reporter: yes, she had six strikeouts, only three runs, keep in mind pulled out of the game to save her in case they move onto saturday. because under major league rolls -- rules, 49 pitches last night f she goes over 50, 55, she can't pitch again. so they pulled her out. because of. that will in case they win tonight. they'll have their ace for saturday. so that
'ne davis is short against a powerful challenger and the teammates will not let it get to them. >> outside, we have a beautiful shot of the bay bridge with the clouds above the island with more weather and traffic. >> the new abc7 news now. we look at the golden gate bridge and bay bridge bay bridge and we will keep weather and traffic up throughout the traffic up throughout the entirely ♪ ♪ ♪ >> covering san rafael, south bay, mosten -- and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> police are investigating smash-and-grab car burglaries at two starbucks location in hercules. the first happened in the parking lot on tuesday morning on willow avenue. a similar burglary was recorded in the parking lot of a starbucks on san pablo avenue. both cases the victims went inside to get coffee and returned to find their car weapons broken. the same smash and grab was reported at san pablo starbucks last in. >> in southern california a couple used a stolen device to snap a romantic selfie. this picture was found uploaded to her storage cloud account and appears days after the home was burglarized.
to the toll plaza no delays into san francisco. 880 also roadwork northbound washington to davis southbound jackson to embarcadero, looks like those should be in the clearing stages, as well. >> thank you. >>> 5:00 now. new this morning, dozens of people lost their homes to an east bay fire overnight. kpix 5's anne makovec has the very latest from the scene on international boulevard this morning in oakland. anne. >> reporter: i'm here at international at 23rd avenue in oakland. 37 people are out of their homes this morning after this huge fire. it started in this blue building here behind me. firefighters say it started in the back of the building outside and quickly spread up the walls, blew out the roof and then spread to the white building next door. 10 apartment units total on the upper floor of these buildings, and then there were three businesses on the bottom, a bake shop, hair salon and bookstore. now, all the 37 people who lived in those apartments got out okay. but their homes are destroyed. and five dogs are missing. >> the apartment goes all the way to the back. and there was
to embarcadero three right lanes closed until 5. washington to davis north 88016th street to broadway, three left lanes closed there until 5:00 but a live look at conditions through oakland on 880. traffic moving nicely both directions. we'll have a look at the bay bridge coming up. >> thank you. >>> the chp would love to catch the driver who did this on the golden gate bridge. [ wheelies ] >> the black camaro came close to pedestrians on the sidewalk as it spun donuts on sunday afternoon. traffic was stopped in both directions. another driver posted the video to instagram. so far, no arrests. >>> it should be at least another couple of days before experts determine if a patient in sacramento has the ebola virus. the patient is at kaiser permanente south sacramento medical center. state officials are not saying much other than the person recently went to west africa. the patient is being kept in isolation in a specially equipped negative pressure room. meanwhile, at least one of the two u.s. medical workers who contracted the virus in liberia is expected to be released from a georgia hospital tod
up to watch a little league baseball game yesterday, monet davis is on the front cover of sports illustrated. should the pros be taking a lesson from the little leagues and what america really wants when it comes to competition? >> there's a good argument about the muirty of competition in every format and money both heightens it and sometimes detracts from it. it's a tough line to walk. >> have you reached out to her as her agent yet? >> no, i'm done representing players. >> thanks for being with us this morning. >> pete rose is looking for a second chance. it's been 25 years since he was banned from life for baseball for betting on the sport, but rose now hopes baseball's new commissioner will welcome him back into the game. he said: >> rose is the game's all time hit leader, he is not, however in the hall of fame. >> a loss for the young foreign minister thrower monet davis. the team got roughed up by nevada 8-1. yesterday, she made the cover of sports illustrated. this weekend, nevada will play chicago for the little league championship. >> you could hear the announcers durin
series coverage. >> and nothing little about the way mo'ne davis has been playing for the taney dragons representing pennsylvania. they're from center city, philadelphia. davis the first girl to ever win a game as a pitcher in the little league world series. pennsylvania trying to give davis some run support early. bottom first with two on. jack rice with a shot but barker makes the catch and davis can't believe it. nevada up 1-0 and jumped on davis in the first inning and then dallon cave with a two-run home run. nevada up 3-0. davis would finish with 55 pitches, 6 strikeouts so eligible to pitch saturday if her team gets that far. brennan holligan with a fly ball. nevada wins it 8-1 in the u.s. championship game. pennsylvania will take on illinois thursday. >>> listen, garrett richards may be the best pitcher who wasn't an all-star. e.r.a. fifth in the a.l. the angels' ace, the angels are just playing -- and, look, richards down against the red sox, and it looks bad. patella injury, knee injury and the angels are calling up two players on thursday, two pitchers. we'll know more thursd
wednesday. many eyes on philadelphia pitcher mo'ne davis. she struck out six batters in just over two innings, but the play of the game? this. a big hit to right field in the first. making the diving catch here. they don't look back. nevada dominates 8-1 advancing to saturday. pennsylvania faces illinois on thursday for a chance to join in in the championship as well. >>> an intense fight breaking outs at buffalo bills training camp. they're on the same team here. this happened during a goal line drill. ryan johnson laying two punches on him before the team intervened. head coach saying he is not a fan of this. >> it hurts the integrity of our game the more we talk about it. that's how i feel about fighting. >> no word on any potential penalties or punishments so far. zimplt the entire tennessee titans team taking the als bucket challenge. former teammate jim sean nominated all of them. he revealed also tuesday he was diagnosed with that disease. michael jordan also taking the challenge. he not only nominated phil jackson and his dream team teammates to take the challenge, but he will
pitching phenom mo'ne davis take the mound in the little league world series. this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, august 21st, 2014. >>> good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning we are learning more about a failed mission to rescue american journalist james foley and other hostages held in syria. early this summer two dozen u.s. special operations forces were dropped in northern syria by heavily armed blackhawk helicopters. four hostages including foley were thought to be in an oil refinery controlled by isis, but the prisoners were not there. michelle sigona is in new york. >> good morning, anne-marie. the secret nighttime mission was authorized by president obama because it was believed the hostages were in danger. on the ground the u.s. forces exchanged fire with isis militants. one american commando was injured. the rest returned safely. the mission to try to rescue foley and the others was revealed after isis posted a gruesome video of his execution. it was believed foley and the others were being held together based on information from freed hosta
morning news. >> mark:that's 49ers tight end vernon davis going undercover at his own jamba juice in santa clara. >> mark:davis donned a wig and an apron and tried to convince customers that he was just a new employee. >> mark:as you can see some real niners fans saw right through it. the 49ers are dealing with some turf issues at levi's stadium >> mark:this is video from the niners first practice at levi's a few weeks ago. >> mark:but today harbaugh cut short their final open practice there and pulled his team off the field because players kept losing their footing.and huge divots were flying around >> mark:the niners tweeted an apology to fans who came to see practice and also said they are taking measures to make sure the field is ready for sunday's nationally televised game versus the chargers >> mark:the giants won their protest of last night's rain shortened game with the cubs. it's the first successful protest in 28 years! >> mark:so instead of a loss.the two teams will resume play this afternoon with the cubs leading 2-0 in the 5th. >> mark:more good news on the field at wrigley. >
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